Professional Resume

Is your resume getting you interviews?

Did you know, START talent offers free resume inspection and guidance to potential employees? This guidance is free of charge and is great opportunity for anyone preparing their resume and wants another set of eyes to make sure they’re not making any critical mistakes. During our resume inspection, we’ll offer feedback and tips to help better represent the employee on the resume and help them with future opportunities. At START we want you the employee to be as prepared as possible for the upcoming opportunities and we feel there is no better way than to help you along the way. Having a better prepared employee yields results for both the employee and also the client looking for staff.

Resume inspection and advice is just one of the many things we offer current and future employees to ensure they are ready to hit the ground running! Be sure to reach out to one of our staffers to schedule your resume inspection and feedback session to see how your resume stands up against today’s job market! Email us at